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The Advantages of Using Intercom Systems

When someone has an electric gate, quite often they decide to get an intercom system installed along with it. There are a few reasons why it is beneficial to do this. One reason is that it makes receiving visitors more simple. We all have friends round occasionally and intercoms let them tell you when they have arrived at your gate. It means you don’t have to worry about leaving your guests hanging around outside, particularly if the weather is bad and they want to rush in!

The great thing about intercoms is that most of them let you use them remotely. This means you don’t need to leave your house to let people in. Electric gates are handy, but having an intercom will make it even more useful. They will boost the overall convenience and allow your guests quicker access to your home.

Another benefit is the ability to alert family and friends inside your home. If you’re locked outside without keys, you’ll be able to alert them so they can let you in. It is also a great security plus, as some intercoms also have cameras, which means you’ll be able to see who is on the other side of the gate. It can help to protect you and your family, as you can choose who you let in, deterring any potential trespassers. Call for a free quotation on your Electric gates in Surbiton.

The Importance of An Expert Fitting Garage Doors

If you are planning on getting a new garage door fitted, it is best you choose an expert to do it for you. You may want to do it yourself or get someone with DIY knowledge to do it, but with an expert you will always get the highest standard of work. You can be assured that the mechanics work correctly and that the lifespan is as long as possible. Using an amateur door fitter means small issues can arise quickly, turning to large problems if they are not noticed at first.

A professional will handle the whole job for you and complete it quicker than if you did it yourself. This is due to the experience and knowledge they have. They will work around you, focusing on the job at hand at a convenient time.

If you want a motorised door, then it is crucial you have it fitted properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s the whole door or just part of the motor, you should leave it to the experts. They will be able to ensure your door is fitted safely, which means less chance of problems down the line. For free advice and a quotation to fit new Garage doors in Windsor call C & B technical today.

Keep Your Business Safe With A Security Gate

When it comes to taking care of your business, you want to try your best to guarantee the security of your employees and work building. If you get a gate fitted, then your property will have a decent level of protection.

Before you invest in a security gate, it’s good to think of the benefits. Having a security gate that is obviously signposted, can discourage any possible intruders from the start.

Having a security gate can prevent unauthorised people entering the building, which provides health and safety for your staff. With an electric set-up they can choose who sets foot inside, either remotely or a with a key.

The great thing about electric security gates is that they will have various sizes and types, that can be modified to fit the size of the area available. Commerical buildings such as warehouses will benefit from these gates, as well as confined places like below ground car parks.

Whatever the reason, you can rest assured knowing that not only will your staff and business be safe, but your property will also look the part professionally. For Electric gates in Windsor and Maidenhead, call today.

Signs Your Garage Doors Need Replacing

Sometimes it is more financially efficient to replace a garage door than to constantly repair it, especially if it’s outdated and worn, or has damaged parts. These can be easy to restore, but if there is a risk of affecting the maintenance of the door then the whole thing should be replaced.

Your garage door should move smoothly, so if it’s becoming unpredictable in it’s movement it can be dangerous. This indicates a malfunction and should be replaced by a new, safer, dependable door.

New doors can be a lot quieter than an older model, which can create loud clanging sounds when opening. The older doors also aren’t as sound proof as a new one, which would be a good addition to a garage that has a work space and a particularly noisy street. For New Garage Doors in Ascot call today.

The six main reasons people install Electric gates

1. Convenience. No need to get out of your vehicle in order to open or close manual gates.
2. Security. Electric gates act as a deterrent for would-be intruders and make it harder for people to enter your property.
3. Safety. For example, young children and dogs are protected from running onto the road.
4. Add value. Just like adding other items to your home, electric gates show quality.
5. Better insurance premiums. Some companies may see this as adding security to your home or business.
6. Wow factor. Electric gates often have ornate details, give a vision of grandeur, and create a good first impression.

A little bit of history on automatic garage doors

The introduction of the overhead door was rapidly followed by the idea of an automated opener system.

Mr C G Johnson invented the first overhead garage door in 1921 and founded the Overhead Door Corporation which is, today, still an industry leader almost 100 years after his overhead door invention. He then went on to invent the first electric automated garage door opener in 1926. For all your Electric Gates in Maidenhead, from repairs to new installations call C and B technical Installations.

A little history on garage doors and a glimpse of the future

In 1925 in the USA, houses with garages started to sell faster than homes without. The design of the automatic rolling garage door partly fuelled the growth and fifteen years later, 80% of all the new houses built had a garage.

Will the artificial intelligence of the future lessen the need for a garage as individuals subscribe to an autonomous vehicle brand, instead of owning their own? Instead of going through the routine of opening and closing garage doors when you arrive home, the autonomous vehicle will deliver you to your front door. You will enter your house which will be set the way you want it for your return; preferred lighting, music and temperature, depending on the time of day or night you return. A child born in 2030 will be totally surprised that his or her parents had to manually open garage doors and turn on lights by switches on the wall. Call C and B Technical for all your Garage door replacement and Electric gate fitting in Maidenhead and Windsor.

Spoilt for choice

Choosing a new garage door for your property can be mind boggling as the choice and range of options available now is vast.

The style and finish of your garage door should reflect your existing front door and enhance the look of your property.

The operation of the door can be manual or electric, up and over, sectional, roller or sliding.

Insulation is another factor to consider, do you use your garage as a garage or is it a store for your possessions and needs to be insulated against the cold?

All these questions can be answered by your local Garage doors specialist in Berkshire. They will be able to help advise and suggest the best options for you within your budget.

Electric Gate Safety

According to a recent survey on the safety of electric gates, a number of children in the UK have been seriously injured or killed by malfunctioning electric gates.

The ambulance service has issued the following tips for the safety of electric gates:

  • Gates should be fitted with sensors to stop if something is in its path
  • All gates should have an emergency release in case someone is trapped
  • Safety fixtures should be checked regularly
  • Only adults should operate the gates
  • The gate should stop if it is held once moving

For professional installation in Berkshire, contact C and B Technical Installations Ltd.

Timber Doors and Gates

One of our higher end finishes comes in the form of timber garage doors and gates run on electric motors. These gorgeous designs are more affordable than you think and can be fit to your needs with a quotation service available from C and B Technical.

Timber gates can also be fitted with security features for your peace of mind, such as a bespoke electric system. This can be fitted to pre-existing gates or added to your new bespoke design. All our staff are fully qualified and up to date on all aspects of the trade and can provide you with all the information you require before you make your decision.

Bespoke and beautiful timber garage doors and Electric Timber Gates are available for installation from C and B Technical in your area.

Garador transmitter is even faster

The latest Garador Series 3 hand transmitters are now even faster, they soon will be upgraded with new software which enables a faster transmission of signals meaning swift opening times. They include features such as high end FM radio signals, with 128-bit encryption meaning the signal transmitted is very secure and almost impossible to copy. The latest updates also mean they transmit a more stable signal, allowing the hand transmitter to be used even farther away from the door.

The security has been increased to try and eliminate cloning, using rolling code technology, so each time the transmitter is used it emits a slightly different signal, making it nearly impossible for anyone to clone the signal to gain entry to the premises via the garage door.

To enquire about any of our services, please contact us here.